Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding Recap - Thursday.

On the Thursday before the wedding we did some running around Mt. Dora during the day and prepared for the evening that we had planned. We were going to be getting together with everyone that was in town at a local bar called McGregor's! It was a fun little place with pool tables, dancing and karaoke!
Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and a surprising number of us even went on stage a sang karaoke! I even got up there and did a song with Nick and Gina!
The bar was nothing fancy but it was perfect for a night of hanging out and celebrating. We had all looked forward to getting together for months and once we were, we took full advantage! There were many people that didn't make it because they weren't coming into town until Friday. We really missed not having them there but they made their appearance after the rehearsal dinner!
Once McGregor's closed we all headed back to the hotel...and continued the party poolside! I'm pretty sure everyone didn't get to bed until after midnight every day of that weekend. It was great!


  1. My best friends mom lives in Mt. Dora! Such a small world.

  2. Such an awesome time...great memories!!! :)