Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lesson Number Ten.

I haven't given you guys a lesson update in a while! Things are going great and I have had some very productive lessons since my last recap. This Wednesday I had my tenth lesson since I've been back riding. We jumped a lot more and really worked hard!
My trainer, Mandi took some pictures and videos for me so I can see my progress, what I'm doing right and wrong and compare to my first lesson with her in March.
I feel like we are coming along strong and Beau and I are really getting in tune with each other. I still have a lot of things to fix, like my elbows being out and releasing more with my hands in my two point (the position I'm in while going over a fence). I am however, very pleased with my leg position on the flat and over fences. I feel like my legs are really getting strong and back to where I was when I was riding all the time.
In addition to my lessons, I also ride four more times a month on my lease days. Those days I usually do a lot of flat work and then some jumping. As our flat work gets better, I'll start working on our jumping more during my lease days.
Our first competition is going to be at the end of January. It's just a small local show to get me back into the swing of competing and see where I am at. I am so excited to get back in the show ring!

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