Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Year Anniversary.

Nick and I celebrated our one year anniversary a week early by going down to Miami for a long weekend. Once I got out of work on Thursday, we got the rental car, packed our bags and were on our way! The drive was about 3.5 hours; we listened to music and took in the sites.
We made reservations at the Aloft Miami-Brickell that is located in downtown Miami.
From our balcony we had views of Marlins Park, city buildings and a little piece of the ocean.
Our first night was spent simply enjoying each others company, sipping on yummy drinks and talking into the wee hours of the morning. It was quite special to hang out and talk about the past and our hopeful future. We got up bright and early the next morning and drove to Ocean Drive for breakfast. As we walked by one place, we were offered free mimosa' we ate delicious omelets there(the Cardozo Hotel).
We walked over to the beach afterwards but did not have on proper attire (plus it was steaming hot and muggy!) so we lasted about 30 seconds and this is the only picture I got...
We've seen the ocean before so it really wasn't a big deal to spend time there. ;)
That night was game one of the Detroit Tigers last regular season series and of course we had tickets! We watched the Tiger's during batting practice and also were lucky enough to get Torii Hunter and Anibal Sanchez's signatures!
Saturday was pretty much spent a lot like Friday, except with maybe a little more lounging around in the morning! During Saturday nights game we got Matt Tuiasosopo's signature and he was so kind to take a picture with me! It was pretty cool! At this point we have gotten 23 different Tigers players signatures on baseballs and pictures with Prince Fielder, Tom Brookens (Coach) and Matt Tuiasosopo!
We headed home on Sunday morning to relax and recoup from a weekend of late nights and early mornings.
It was so great for Nick and I to get to spend quality time together celebrating our first year of marriage. This Sunday is our official anniversary and we plan on taking it easy, watching the Lions and digging into our wedding cake(hoping it's still just as delicious as it was on our wedding day!)
 Here's to a wonderful year of marriage and many more to come!


  1. So nice!! Glad you had fun! And totally awesome that you got to spend time with some Tigers! Cheers to your anniversary! (yay for October weddings right?!)

    1. Thank you Lauren! Yes, October is definitely a great wedding month!

  2. How fun! Happy Anniversary...I love you both!! :-)

    1. Thank you Lori!! Love you and thank you for the sweet card! You're so thoughtful :)