Friday, May 3, 2013

The Biggest Loser - Boot Camp.

When Nick quit his job a couple of weeks ago, he knew he had to use up his "R&R" points before he was no longer employed. R&R points are rewards we gets at our company for getting awards and doing a good job. We can redeem these points at an online store to purchase whatever we want.
Nick had a lot of points to use and I asked him to get me a new workout DVD if he had enough points left over after he ordered what he wanted. He ended up ordering me The Biggest Loser's Boot Camp DVD. I looked up the reviews and information about this workout routine and it seems to be pretty good!
It looks like it is a six to eight week program with three levels of intensity. I am really excited to try a new workout DVD, especially after having to take it easy the past few weeks from running (due to shin splints). To help keep me motivated and track my results, I am going to post about my workouts as I go through the entire DVD. I'm not sure when it will arrive in the mail but I will let you all know when it gets here.
I think I will do a before post, weekly posts during and then a final results post.

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