Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chattanooga, Tennessee - 1990's to 2011

My Dad was born in Chattanooga but moved to Florida when he was a child. Even though he moved away at a young age, he always stayed in touch and frequently visited his extended family in Tennessee. I can remember many times travelling up there as a family, doing crafts and learning to golf with my Aunt Letty Lou, playing outside and pretending to have southern accents with my sister. They were great times!
Before 2011, the last time I visited was with my Dad and sister in December 2005 when the three of us when and stayed at a cabin. **Off topic - looking back at the pictures I took at 15 years old, I seem to not have been to shabby at this whole photography thing. Maybe it is a hobby I should pursue? OK now back on topic.**
As I moved out and got older, we never found the time to make it back up there until April 2011. I was excited to travel up there with Nick and show him the place that had always been near to my heart. My dad, step-mom, Nick and I got packed and loaded in the car for a fun filled road trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee!
We went and checked out several of the historical/touristy locations.
The Old Mill.
Ruby Falls.
Lookout Mountain Battlefield.
After checking out the sites (and taking millions on pictures) we headed over to our cousins house for a cookout and Angie's Birthday!
We had a wonderful time in Tennessee and getting to see my family was best part of it all. I wish we could get together more often but not being able to makes it that much more special when we do. I'm looking forward to the next time we road trip it up there!

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