Friday, January 18, 2013

The Windy City.

We just landed in Chicago! We are actually sitting in a Town Car right now on our way to the W Hotel downtown! I haven't taken any pictures yet... but I will have plenty to share soon. I brought my laptop so I can keep you all updated on our trip!

Our flight was pretty good. We did some circling before landing and got lots of cool views of the city lights but no pictures. I didn't think they would turn out being night time and in a plane and all.

Well I am going to go for now. Probably going to have a night cap and then head to bed! I should have another update for you tomorrow! Good night!


  1. Isn't the city beautiful at night? I always love flying into Chicago at night, the lights are just breath taking. I hope that you love it here!

  2. Yes the city is very beautiful at night! I love all of the lights. We have had a very good time here (even though it's freezing out)! :)