Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lesson Number Two.

I had my second lesson at Sea Crest Equestrian Center Sunday! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share because I went by myself. I rode Giorgio again and he was great (but just as lazy)! This lesson I rode with Bre Pickens, the barn owner, because Carlo was away at a horse show in Wellington.

I enjoyed my lesson with Bre! She was pretty aware of what I was doing right and wrong and she also knew Giorgio well since she also rides him. I did more jumping in this lesson than in the last one. I just have to say, I feel so comfortable riding! It is like I never took a break from it; except for the soreness! OUCH! I was sore yesterday and today but definitely not as bad as last time.

After my last lesson I was sore until Thursday, so I didn't do my workouts on my lunch breaks that week. Then when we got back from Chicago we got sick and I didn't workout that week either. I know that is so bad! But I was back at it yesterday! Even though my legs were sore, I pushed through it and worked out at lunch. I am so happy that I did! I did a total of 200 crunches, free weights and resistance machines for my arms and 5 miles on the stationary bike. I did the first two miles on one low level and them bumped it up to give me a variety of hills and resistance for the last three miles. I am glad I made myself workout yesterday despite being sore from my lesson but today was not so good.

Last night my lower back was aching really bad. I had to catch my breath at times it was so painful... really weird! I have never experienced that before, maybe I over did it. It took me a long time to fall asleep but this morning brought some relief and throughout the day today the pain has gotten better. Nick and I have to go to the store together during lunch tomorrow so I won't get anymore workouts in until Thursday and Friday.

I'm continuing to eat pretty healthy and after we go grocery shopping Saturday I am going to plan our meals out for the next week and try some new recipes from Change of Pace and Daily Garnish. I'll let you know how they turn out!

In sports news, Michigan's Men's Basketball team is number one in the nation! Nick and I have caught almost all of the games this year and they are fun to watch! This is the first time they have been number one since they had the "Fab Five" in 1992! This is exciting stuff going on people! Right now Michigan is 19-1 and I read yesterday that this is the best record for the Wolverines in program history! We have a lot of freshman and sophomores on this team so it should be a good few years for the basketball organization. Go Blue!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having an even better start to their week!

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    1. Thanks Brittany! I did and can't wait for my next one!

  2. Oh yikes!! Back injuries are the worst, hope you recover quickly from that! Love the Mr. Ed picture :)

    1. Thank you, I'm already feeling better! I know I thought that picture was cute!