Monday, February 11, 2013


I turned 23 on Thursday! I started out my morning with some very yummy oatmeal. I threw in a bunch of sweet stuff; brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, honey and peanut butter. It was delicious!

Walking up to my desk at work, I was greeted by lovely decorations and cards. That afternoon my wonderful husband had flowers and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to me!


The flowers were beautiful and the strawberries were so sweet and juicy! It was a really nice surprise!
On Friday we went to my Dad and Step Mom, Tami's, house and celebrated our birthday's (Nick's, mine and Tami's). We had a delicious dinner cooked by my Dad; steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions, baked potatoes (I had a sweet potato), and sweet peas. It was all so good! My Dad surprised all three of us with a cake that was half flowers for me and Tami and half sports stuff for Nick. It was so cute and thoughtful! Thanks Dad!!

On Saturday, Nick and I wanted to get some yard work done at home.

I raked up the leaves in the yard while Nick cut down the dead branches on some of the palm trees and then this happened...

I hate these things that grow on the palm trees. They make such a mess and are a pain to clean up! After cleaning up the yard we pressure washed the sidewalk and driveway and it looks so much better now!

Nick had been talking about taking me out Saturday night and I could choose wherever we went and whatever we did. I decided I wanted to stay a home with him, have him grill something for dinner and just enjoy being at home and hanging out together. Nick grilled some delicious steak tips, chicken strips and asparagus. I could not stop eating, it was so good! He is quite skilled in the grilling department!

After we ate we enjoyed some drinks while watching the new Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters DVDs that Nick had bought earlier in the day. It was a great birthday and Saturday was just what I had wanted; a relaxing time at home with my husband.

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