Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road Trip.

Right now Nick and I are sitting in a Chrysler 200 on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina! 
It is about an eight hour drive from our house so we should be making it to our hotel around 10pm. We're going up there for Nick's cousins graduation and will get to see a lot of the Lombardi family!

I figured I would probably be too busy to blog so I didn't even bring the laptop. I'll be posting a lot of pictures though on Instagram and Twitter, so follow me!

Instagram - beth_lombardi
Twitter - blombardi2

If I find time to post from my phone I will but if not, look for a recap of the trip on Sunday or Monday! Hope everyone has a fun and safe week and weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful wish we could be there! :-(

    Love to all!