Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Equus caballus.

One of the loves of my life. I will give you a short background story of how my falling in love with horses began and what I am doing now.

I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb an equestrian. Ever since I can remember I wanted to pet, feed, ride, own, anything with a horse. I just adored them (still do) and all I wanted to do was learn how to ride. My parents had me wait until my 10th birthday to start taking riding lessons and they wanted to make sure I was going to stick with it before purchasing my own equipment. Little did they know it would be my entire life for 8 years.

When I was 13 years old they bought me a beautiful black throughbred mare named, Susa, though I changed her name to Susie. She was a spirited but kind girl. I loved her more than anything and was so happy that she was mine.


Our first competition together we won Grand Champion in our division.

We went from crossrails, her show name at the time was "Limited Edition", to 3 foot courses as "Best Kept Secret".

She was my girl and I think I was hers. I loved that horse to pieces. She taught me so much. We faught with eachother, learned with eachother and loved eachother. It's one of the closest relationships with an animal I think you can have because at the end of the day whether we were just practicing or in the competition arena, it was just me and her.

I sold Susie when I as 18 years old. I had to get a full time job and once I did that, I just didn't have the time that she needed to be spent with her. After selling Susie, I continued to ride other horses, mostly Beau, my trainer at the times horse.

But working full time and having a new relationship, I just fell away from riding all together. I now haven't ridden in 4 years! It is kind of unbelievable for me to think about. I never thought that horses wouldn't be a part of my life. So here I am... I have decided to start taking lessons again!! I don't know where it will take me or what will happen now that I'm going to be riding again but I do know that I am very excited about it! Nick is completely supportive of my hobby and I can't wait for him to come out and watch me do what I had done my entire life.

I have a feeling that from this point on horses are going to be a part of my life forever and that those 4 years of not riding were just a short stint that will hopefully not happen again. I feel lucky to have gotten into a sport that, no matter your age, you can continue to do it for as long as you want.

I'd love to get into competing again.. set some goals and see where it takes me. I've already mapped out the shows I would like to attend in 2013 and haven't even had my first lesson! But that's what I do... I know what I want and I go for it.

So, here I go!

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